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Is the Mobileye IPO the next big thing for EV investors?
The world is gradually shifting toward electric vehicles (EV) and autonomous driving solutions, and so are investors. The EV and autonomous vehicle technology are booming in every way possible, and Mobileye wasn’t one to fall behind. Owned by its parent company, the tech-giant Intel, Mobileye hasn...
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Is Blue Origin going to IPO?
Much has been written about the billionaire space race and the various efforts to make space flight more accessible for individuals and companies.  For many, the progress made is inspirational, showing that we might have a chance to explore beyond our humble planet.  But more than that, th...
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IPO Wise: Pre-IPO investing made easy
IPO Wise is a revolutionary platform that makes it easy forretail investors to buy shares of high-growth startups before they IPO. In 2021, global IPO volumes rose 87% and proceeds rose 99% from 2020. While retail investors ponder whether these IPOs are reasonably priced, early venture cap...
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What IPO’s are coming in 2022?
The upcoming IPOs pipeline has slowed after the hyperactivity of 2020-2021. Below discussed are some of the most exciting and highly anticipated IPOs for 2022 and beyond. Some of these may follow a traditional IPO route, while others may look to go public via SPAC (special purposes acquisition compa...
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Who are Plaid, and will they have an IPO?
Plaid Inc. is a fintech startup revolutionizing the open banking industry with cutting-edge unified banking APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to unify the tech ecosystem for the financial sector and fintech products. The company was founded by Zach Perret and William Hockey in 2012 due to th...
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Will Reddit IPO in 2022?
Valuation $13-15 billion Expected IPO in early 2022 Reddit, the information-sharing site, is likely to IPO soon. After an August 2021 capital raise of $400 million, this brought Reddit’s valuation up to $10 billion. Its own community of various interests expected to push the price higher. Reddit i...
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The Impossible Foods IPO
Valuation ~$10 billion  Expected IPO in Mid-2022 Impossible Foods is attempting to change how we eat. Makers of the Impossible plant-based burgers seen in Burger King and White Castle, and other plant-based meat replacement foods, have created a sizable following of vocal fans and consistent pr...
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Will The Boring Company IPO?
Global transportation has really come into the spotlight recently as large cities continue to grow, population density intensifies, and advancements in technology look to disrupt the existing state of affairs.  One of the most exciting new companies in the space is another one of Elon Musk’s ...
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When is the Vinfast IPO?
For those who do not know, IPO stands for Initial Public Offering, i.e., that the company is going to be listed on the stock market and investors can purchase shares of the company. Whether this is a good deal, buying the stocks of an Asia based EV Manufacturing company, or not remains a hot debate....
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Unpacking Starlink's Growth Potential for 2022 and Beyond
You’d be forgiven for thinking that everything that Elon Musk touches turns to gold. Lately, we’ve seen the entrepreneur rise to a level of success that few can fathom – with Tesla and SpaceX achieving mainstream traction on the back of his initial involvements in PayPal.  Starlink is an ...
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