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How has recent news influenced Palantir Technologies's stock price
Investors interested in investing in the IT sector might have come across recent news regarding Palantir Technologies's stock. If you have not heard the tragic news, the company's share price took a hit after Deutsche Bank downgraded the company's shares. But before we shed more light on that matter...
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Palantir Share Price – Will investments pay off?
Palantir Technologies Inc. share price has been sliding down for a continuous second day in a row, hitting a low of $9.08, which is 7.64% lower than the opening price. What is going to become of it? Let’s find out. About the Company Palantir Technologies, Inc. is a holding company that creates sof...
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IPOs that can make you a fortune?
Most of the business tycoons on stock exchange markets like Alphabet and Apple were once small private companies. To become public and be listed on the stock exchange, these companies had to undergo a process that is called an initial public offering or IPO. Many companies go for an IPO. Some of the...
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Top 8 successful IPOs worth a mention
One of the most crucial and important moves a company may ever take in its lifespan is an initial public offering (IPO). It not only symbolizes a stage of development, but it also offers investors the possibility to acquire a stake in it. After all, completing the IPO procedure entails making the bu...
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Porsche AG or SE: Why does it matter?
When it comes to fast and gorgeous cars, Porsche has been an iconic player in the industry for over 90 years now. The brand is associated with marvels of engineering housed in their sleek-looking bodies that are a dream for any teenager who has ever set their eyes on one. While it may be the [&helli...
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How will the Porsche IPO impact VW?
The recent news that Volkswagen is listing Porsche on the stock exchange is nothing short of huge, even for people who aren't interested in the automotive industry. This IPO will have a significant impact not only on Porsche's economy, but also on Volkswagen. But before we get right to the main cour...
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Porsche's race against Tesla
People might think this battle is a bit unfair, but wait, hear this out. Porsche going on toe to toe with Tesla might actually be one of the things that need more spotlight. Tesla tapped into a market of Electric Vehicles, and it might be said that it was indeed Tesla who worked to create […]...
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Fusion Micro Finance IPO
IPO, also known as Initial Public Offering, is a great way of raising capital in a short amount of time, especially when your company’s name is on everyone’s lip. Although it does mean that your company will go public and a certain share of your company will be sold out to investors, it would al...
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Should I short the S&P 500?
Gary Shilling's interview might have got you thinking, "Should I short S&P 500?" Well, that curiosity might have led you here. But before we jump right to the main part, let us discuss a few basics. What is S&P 500? S&P 500, also known as the Standard and Poor 500, is an index of 500 [&h...
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Is it worth investing in Rio Tinto Limited (ASX)?
Being a stock exchange investor, you have every right to ponder about the company you're eyeing and deliberate whether it is worth spending your money in. Well, if you were eyeing Rio Tinto Limited, you might have come across the news that Rio is currently facing a decline, and the share price is hu...
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