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What is in Elon Musk's portfolio?
Between 2020 and today, Elon Musk went from not making the top ten richest to being the richest man in the world--with a current wealth estimated by Forbes at $271.3 billion and the wealthiest person ever. So, how did he get to the top, and what does he hold that has made him so much wealt...
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Circle IPO
Circle is a financial services company that started out as a platform for Bitcoin payments. Soon after, the company started to handle cryptocurrency exchanges and issued its own stablecoin, USDC. With the increasing popularity of the USDC, Circle IPO is highly anticipated. Circle was planning to go ...
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Is a SpaceX buyout of Boston Dynamics possible?
If you think of modern robotics, it's highly likely that a Boston Dynamics robot will come to mind.  They’ve catapulted themselves to be in front of mind thanks to viral videos of their humanoid robots performing remarkable feats of dexterity and pseudo-intelligence.  They have pushed th...
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Is Tesla overvalued?
Over the past month, Tesla stock has floated in the $800-900 region, dipping to $766 before climbing to its current level of $1100 ($1081 as of writing). Chart courtesy of Google Finance This $766 to $1081 is a 41% increase that puts the company at a market capitalization of $1.1 trillion. Yes,...
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When Can I Buy Stock in Starlink?
Starlink has more than 400,000 subscribers and a system backed up by around 2,500 satellites from SpaceX. You can certainly join Starlink for its service, but investing in the company isn’t as easy. Buying stock in Starlink is currently not possible. Despite the ever-growing interest in owning a p...
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Saudi Aramco 2nd IPO: Everything You Need to Know
Saudi Aramco, also known as Saudi Arabian Oil Company, is considered to be the largest oil producer in the world. The company went public with an IPO back in 2019, and they’re planning a second soon. So, you’re probably wondering, when is the Saudi Aramco 2nd IPO happening? And what are the expe...
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Klarna IPO: What’s the Story?
Founded in 2005, Klarna is one of the most popular “buy now, pay later” payment services. The Swedish company launched its online service in the U.S. in 2015. Since then, it has collaborated with several high-profile brands, including Nike, Sephora, Ray Ban, and many more. A while ago, Klarna an...
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5 Upcoming IPOs in 2023
With a bit over 170 IPOs in 2022, the U.S. stock market witnessed a whopping 81.8% decline compared to the year before. Hopefully, the bear market subsides right in time for a few exciting upcoming IPOs in 2023. The highly anticipated list of IPOs includes Databricks, Stripe, and VinFast. Here’s a...
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When is the Boston Dynamics IPO?
The famous robot maker Boston Dynamics, based in Waltham, Massachusetts (not far from Boston), has shifted hands a bit. It was purchased by Google/Alphabet in 2014 and then sold to the Japanese conglomerate Softbank in 2017 for an undisclosed amount. The thought was that Japanese consumers were more...
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When Will Tik Tok Have an IPO?
The short video social media service TikTok has taken the world by storm with entertaining user uploads for all to watch. Other services like Facebook have tried to copy the service with their version, “Reels.” Many investors are wondering when TikTok will have an IPO. ByteDance, the C...
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