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What is the growth outlook for Impossible Foods?
As a company, Impossible Foods is on a mission to create meat alternatives that are so comparable to meat products that you wouldn’t know the difference. ...
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The intricacies of the Porsche IPO.
One of the most exciting potential IPOs that has the market’s attention is that of German automobile giant Porsche.  Known for their high-performance sports cars and one of the most aspirational brands in the world, the company is set to IPO in late 2022 according to reports.  This will ...
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Top 5 European stocks to buy right now
Europe is facing a myriad of significant challenges, With inflation at record highs... Europe is facing a myriad of significant challenges. With inflation at record highs, the European Central Bank is under tremendous pressure to increase interest rates to protect consumers’ purchasing p...
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What natural resources does Russia have?
When some think of Russia, they may think of harsh winters and cold barren Siberian ranges.  However, Russia has many natural resources.  With Russia's current aggressive moves into Ukraine, we wanted to look at what resources the big bear has and how long they could survive isolated from ...
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What is in Elon Musk's portfolio?
Between 2020 and today, Elon Musk went from not making the top ten richest to being the richest man in the world--with a current wealth estimated by Forbes at $271.3 billion and the wealthiest person ever. So, how did he get to the top, and what does he hold that has made him so much wealt...
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IPO Wise: Pre-IPO investing made easy
IPO Wise is a revolutionary platform that makes it easy forretail investors to buy shares of high-growth startups before they IPO. In 2021, global IPO volumes rose 87% and proceeds rose 99% from 2020. While retail investors ponder whether these IPOs are reasonably priced, early venture cap...
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The S&P 500 crashing? How low will it go?
We have officially entered into a bear market as investors become increasingly concerned about inflation and higher interest rates. The Federal Reserve Bank of the United States has signalled that it will raise interest rates to combat the country's highest inflation rates in decades and last Wednes...
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LKE falls, a hiccup or an indicator?
With the Australian Stock Exchange experiencing a bearish run over the last couple of months, it would not have been a surprise if Lake Resources (LKE) share price fell accordingly. Rather it was expected to rise considering its addition to the list of ASX-200 companies. However, the company is expe...
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Imugene Limited - Should you invest in the company at the brink of curing cancer?
Imugene Limited isn't just a clinical-stage immuno-oncology company looking for a treatment to cure cancer. It is one of the many few that have come up with and shown positive results as well. The efficacy of their cancer-killing virus Checkvacc was first tested on cancerous tumours in preclinical l...
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The Collison Brothers who founded Stripe.
Stripe is the hottest in the investment world, with news roaming all-around of an IPO in the upcoming months. The silicon-based startup is among the highest valued startups until the date, with an expected valuation of over $95 billion. The company showed an immense growth of 70% in the unfortunate ...
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