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IPOs that can make you a fortune?
Most of the business tycoons on stock exchange markets like Alphabet and Apple were once small private companies. To become public and be listed on the stock exchange, these companies had to undergo a process that is called an initial public offering or IPO. Many companies go for an IPO. Some of the...
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Porsche IPO and What We Know
When is the Porsche IPO? In February 2022, Volkswagen confirmed there were discussions with Porsche to potentially bring the sports car company public. These discussions have not yet developed any definitive information on specific future dates for the IPO release; however, it has been speculated th...
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How will the Porsche IPO impact VW?
The recent news that Volkswagen is listing Porsche on the stock exchange is nothing short of huge, even for people who aren't interested in the automotive industry. This IPO will have a significant impact not only on Porsche's economy, but also on Volkswagen. But before we get right to the main cour...
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Livent Share Price
If you are into the automobile industry, you might have heard or noticed that the demand for lithium has skyrocketed over the past couple of years. But has that got to do anything with Livent? If yes, will it affect Livent's stock? Will the share price rise as the demand for lithium grows? Or will [...
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Upstart share price
Upstart Holdings has been the centre of discussion throughout 2022. But recently, things have become pretty grave not only for the artificial intelligence-powered lending platform but for its shareholders as well. The share price further took a toll after management's latest flip-flop. To make thing...
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Teladoc Share Price
During the pandemic, there were several stocks that went from zero to hero and not only made a lot of money themselves, but proved to be a huge profit for investors as well. Teladoc is an example of such a stock. Sadly, things have not been going well for both the company and the shareholders [&hell...
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Is GameStop Corp's stock a buy or not?
You might have heard the news that GameStop Corp. just eked out a gain during a recent trading session. If you're a potential investor, you might be intrigued by that news and would want to know how that has affected GameStop's stock. But before we talk about the current performance of GME stock, it...
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Top 8 successful IPOs worth a mention
One of the most crucial and important moves a company may ever take in its lifespan is an initial public offering (IPO). It not only symbolizes a stage of development, but it also offers investors the possibility to acquire a stake in it. After all, completing the IPO procedure entails making the bu...
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Fusion Micro Finance IPO
IPO, also known as Initial Public Offering, is a great way of raising capital in a short amount of time, especially when your company’s name is on everyone’s lip. Although it does mean that your company will go public and a certain share of your company will be sold out to investors, it would al...
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Unpacking the Allbirds IPO
Allbirds is one of the few companies that is standing up against fast fashion and is instead trying to create their clothing in the most ecologically and environmentally friendly way possible.  This focus on sustainability has won them the respect of many, and that’s what makes it such a capt...
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