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Discord IPO: A Brief Guide
Discord, the communication platform, was founded in 2015 by Jason Citron and Stanislav Vishnevskiy. They initially targeted the text, audio, and video chat platform for gamers. However, it soon became a social platform for all. Discord IPO is one of the highly anticipated IPOs in 2023. After refusin...
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The Impossible Foods IPO: Your Detailed Guide
Since its launch in 2016, Impossible Foods has grown a wide fan base worldwide, becoming one of America's fastest-growing brands. Today, the company's products are available in around 40,000 restaurants and more than 20,000 grocery stores around the globe. With the company's continuous growth, you'r...
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Porsche IPO Update: What happened after?
On Thursday, September 29, Porsche AG completed its IPO (initial public offering) in Frankfurt. This happened only seven months after the announcement of the company's primary owner -Volkswagen AG- in February 2022 regarding a possible listing of Porsche AG. The game plan was devised to include the ...
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Valuation ~$7.7 Billion. When is the IPO? A. Mid-2022! While mortgage rates were low, housing demand remained high through the pandemic, and Americans reconsidered their work-life balance, buying homes in record numbers; first considered going public, but this wa...
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The Top 10 upcoming IPOs
IPOs have received some impressive valuations lately, and we have quite a few companies that are slated to go public this year. Let’s take a look at the most anticipated IPOs to come.  #10 Valuation ~$7.7 billion Expected IPO in Mid-2022 Facilitating home financing has been a good ...
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Will Reddit IPO in 2022?
Valuation $13-15 billion Expected IPO in early 2022 Reddit, the information-sharing site, is likely to IPO soon. After an August 2021 capital raise of $400 million, Reddit's valuation rose to $10 billion. Its community of various interests is expected to push the price higher. Reddit is several thin...
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What happened to Jack Ma’s Ant Group IPO?
In 2020, Jack Ma’s financial services company Ant Group – the fintech subsidiary of his ecommerce empire Alibaba – was preparing a blockbuster $37 billion dual-listed IPO in Shanghai and Hong Kong.  Investors worldwide eagerly anticipated the listing as the company’s...
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What happened to Rivian Automotive since its IPO?
In November 2021, electric vehicle maker Rivian Automotive raised $12 billion by issuing 153 million shares priced at $78 each on the US markets. At the time, the company's valuation exceeded $66 billion. The IPO proved popular, and the stock price surged to $100 per share on the...
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What will Discord's IPO share price be?
Founded in 2015, Discord is a communication platform that enables users to share files and chat through audio and video.  While the platform started as a way for gamers to communicate reliably and conveniently, it has since expanded well beyond the gaming sphere: today, 70% of its 150...
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Elon Musk's angel Stripe will IPO this year - What you need to know!
2021 will be remembered as one of the biggest in IPO history. This is especially true in the realms of financial technology and fintech. Despite 2021 being a big year for IPOs, 2020 was an even bigger IPO year with names like Palantir, Airbnb, and Snowflake. Robinhood, Coinbase, and Roblox. So, will...
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