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When is the Revolut IPO?
Expected IPO Date: Sometime in 2022 Revolut’s most recent valuation: £24bn+ (~ $30.2 billion) The British payment processor Revolut started in 2015 and set up its headquarters in London. The company offers several financial products and services through its financial “Super app,” which provid...
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Everything you need to know about Impossible Foods' rumored IPO
Founded in 2011, Impossible Foods is an American agri-food company that develops plant-based substitutes for meat products. The company conducts R&D on animal products at the molecular level to select the protein and nutrients from plants to create products that provide the same nutrition and ta...
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When is the Boston Dynamics IPO
The famous robot maker Boston Dynamics, based in Waltham, Massachusetts (not far from Boston), has shifted hands a bit. It was purchased by Google/Alphabet in 2014 and then sold to the Japanese conglomerate Softbank in 2017 for an undisclosed amount. The thought was that Japanese consumers were more...
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When is Chime’s IPO?
Chime is expected to have an IPO in the second half of 2022 (probably later), and the most recent valuations put it at around $40 billion (but it’s most likely less now). Chime is an online bank that is based in San Francisco and was created in 2013. The company’s app allows users to open [&hell...
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When is the Discord IPO?
The fans of Discord are asking, When will Discord IPO? And this is a great question. The anticipated Discord IPO is still uncertain. However, it is believed that the IPO will happen this year, possibly in the first half, yet there are still no dates set, so it is unlikely.   If you don’t know [&h...
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Is The Canva IPO in 2022?
Expected IPO date; by the end of the year 2022 Valuation: $40 billion Many of our investors are wondering if the graphic design software company Canva will be going public in 2022? The three founders of Canva, Melanie Perkins, Cliff Obrecht, and Cameron Adams, have come a long way since the company...
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Porsche IPO and What We Know
When is the Porsche IPO? In February 2022, Volkswagen confirmed there were discussions with Porsche to potentially bring the sports car company public. These discussions have not yet developed any definitive information on specific future dates for the IPO release; however, it has been speculated th...
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Unpacking Starlink's Growth Potential for 2022 and Beyond
You’d be forgiven for thinking that everything that Elon Musk touches turns to gold. Lately, we’ve seen the entrepreneur rise to a level of success that few can fathom – with Tesla and SpaceX achieving mainstream traction on the back of his initial involvements in PayPal.  Starlink is an exci...
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When is the Vinfast IPO?
For those who do not know, IPO stands for Initial Public Offering, i.e., that the company is going to be listed on the stock market and investors can purchase shares of the company. Whether this is a good deal, buying the stocks of an Asia based EV Manufacturing company, or not remains a hot debate....
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Fusion Micro Finance IPO
IPO, also known as Initial Public Offering, is a great way of raising capital in a short amount of time, especially when your company’s name is on everyone’s lip. Although it does mean that your company will go public and a certain share of your company will be sold out to investors, it would al...
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