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When is Plaid’s IPO?
Valuation ~$13 billion Expected IPO in Mid-2022 One of our most anticipated IPOs expected in 2022 is for the fintech company Plaid. Plaid has an open banking ledger that allows the linking of bank data to other fintech apps. If you have connected different bank accounts or a bank to your investment ...
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Top 5 ASX IPOs to watch in 2022
2022 is a big year for the Australian stock market (ASX). Following Block Inc’s listing, several other interesting companies are planning to go public this year. Here is a list of five of the most exciting ASX IPOs to watch in 2022. Halo Technologies (April 26th, 2022) First on our list is Ha...
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A look back at 8 of the top-performing Australian IPO's
Most international investors are heavily focused on the North American stock markets. This is understandable, given that the S&P 500 has generated an average annual return of 10% since 1957. However, investors looking to diversify should focus on more exotic markets. For example, the Australian ...
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How To Hold Private Equities in Your Portfolio
If you look at the most successful investors of all time, many of them made a large portion of their wealth in private equity deals well before those companies came to the public markets. By leveraging their networks, knowledge, and experience – they were able to spot start-ups with incredible pot...
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Will The Boring Company IPO?
Global transportation has really come into the spotlight recently as large cities continue to grow, population density intensifies, and advancements in technology look to disrupt the existing state of affairs.  One of the most exciting new companies in the space is another one of Elon Musk’s ...
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