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Volkswagen to Float Porsche? IPO Planned and Confirmed for October 2022
With the recent news on 5th of September 2022, where the plan of an IPO for Porsche was announced, the world of stock market and that of car manufacturers has something hot to talk about. Volkswagen decided to go forward with its plans for an IPO for Porsche in late September to early October, listi...
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Investing in the Porsche Stock as IPO is around the corner – Is it as valuable as it sounds?
The announcement of an impending IPO in late September to Early October by Volkswagen has raised many eyebrows. With just mere weeks, and the final addition by the company in the IPO announcement that it would be subject to further capital developments has led us with not much idea of what the Share...
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Mobileye IPO delayed once again? Is it ever going to happen? — A brief analysis
Since the announcement in last December, people have been waiting for the public listing of this Israeli company, mainly because it’s owned by Intel and the amount of attention this company gets from the Chip Giants. The IPO was set to take place by mid of 2022, but with no news from either compan...
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Predicting the Debut Price of the Porsche IPO
Porsche is set to IPO in the next month or two and as one of the biggest European IPOs in recent history, there has been a lot of speculation about what the debut price will be. With so few IPOs in the post-pandemic era, it’s notoriously difficult to guess where the price is going to […]...
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All you need to know about MSTR
MicroStrategy recently announced its 2nd quarter earnings for 2022, which turned the heads of thousands of people around the world. According to the report, the company bought a digital impairment charge that was estimated at 917.8 million dollars. An impairment charge is a sign that an asset's reco...
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Counting Down to the Porsche IPO: What We Know So Far
There has been a remarkable level of interest in the upcoming Porsche IPO from all over the world, and it appears that things are finally coming to a head. There is still no date set in stone, but it does seem that the movement internally suggests that an IPO is imminent. In this article, we’ll [&...
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An Update on the Potential Starlink IPO
There has been a lot of speculation over the past couple of months about a potential public listing for broadband provider Starlink, especially after proving such a valuable asset for the Ukrainian people during the ongoing conflict with Russia. Investors are clamouring to get a piece of the action,...
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6 IPOs to Look For in 2023
The economic downturn that has characterised much of 2022 has certainly slowed down the number of IPOs that we’ve seen hitting the public markets – especially when you compare it to the pace of the last five years (pandemic excluded). However, there are a lot of rumblings around that this is abo...
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The intricacies of the Porsche IPO.
One of the most exciting potential IPOs that has the market’s attention is that of German automobile giant Porsche.  Known for their high-performance sports cars and one of the most aspirational brands in the world, the company is set to IPO in late 2022 according to reports.  This will ...
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Is there a possibility of a Lamborghini IPO?
With Porsche in the prospects of a highly valued IPO later this year or in early 2023 there have been rumours of the possibility of Lamborghini potentially going public as well. Lamborghini is currently owned by Audi, which is under Volkswagen Group's umbrella. Though the rumours have not been confi...
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