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Afterpay: Buy now, Earn later or what?
Right now, if you Googled Afterpay Share price, you would be met by a constant price of $66.47 that has remained unchanged for a very longtime now. This will seem peculiar, as companies trading on any stock exchange in the world experience daily shift and changes in their share price. Thus, the ques...
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Crispr Share Price
Trading on NASDAQ, Crispr Share Price did wobble, a bit, opening at 73.93 USD and closing at 71.74 USD on the 17th of August 2022. Stocks of different companies, face highs and lows every day. However, these tides are not random, with the situation of the market as well as the company’s financials...
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Livent Share Price
If you are into the automobile industry, you might have heard or noticed that the demand for lithium has skyrocketed over the past couple of years. But has that got to do anything with Livent? If yes, will it affect Livent's stock? Will the share price rise as the demand for lithium grows? Or will [...
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Upstart share price
Upstart Holdings has been the centre of discussion throughout 2022. But recently, things have become pretty grave not only for the artificial intelligence-powered lending platform but for its shareholders as well. The share price further took a toll after management's latest flip-flop. To make thing...
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Teladoc Share Price
During the pandemic, there were several stocks that went from zero to hero and not only made a lot of money themselves, but proved to be a huge profit for investors as well. Teladoc is an example of such a stock. Sadly, things have not been going well for both the company and the shareholders [&hell...
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All you should know about ARKK and ETFs
Ark Innovation exchange-traded fund's stock, which is traded and known by the ticker ARKK, has been the centre of attention for investors and financial advisors all over the country for a couple of years now. The company managed to rake in a huge sum of 1.5 billion dollars in the first half of 2022....
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Is GameStop Corp's stock a buy or not?
You might have heard the news that GameStop Corp. just eked out a gain during a recent trading session. If you're a potential investor, you might be intrigued by that news and would want to know how that has affected GameStop's stock. But before we talk about the current performance of GME stock, it...
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Why did Meta Stock Drop?
Meta was on a high tide, that lasted until last September, when it was at a high of around 380 dollars and staying in that range. However, that tide only got lower and today Meta has fallen more than 50 percent of what it was almost a year ago. As of today, 8th of August […]...
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Atlassian: Is the tech tycoon worth investing?
Atlassian Corporation's stock recently enjoyed a steep climb, as the share price was up by almost 15 percent. The company currently trades at 283.2 dollars per share. The tech company announced its fourth-quarter earnings report a few days back. According to the report, the company's top line was ab...
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Bionano Genomics; recent news, overview, and stock price
Bionano Genomics just published its Q2 2022 earnings report. Usually, earnings reports and transcripts have a huge impact on the stock price of a company. Well, was this the case with Bionano Genomics as well? If so, did it influence the stock price in a poor way? Or did it skyrocket after the repor...
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