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Should you buy gold right now?
Gold is one of the very rare assets that is universally considered a safe haven. For centuries, people have bought and stored gold to protect themselves against economic and geopolitical instability. More than an investment, gold is the ultimate guarantee against the collapse of the existing world o...
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What can Boston Dynamics accomplish as a Company?
Sporadically a company comes along with the potential to radically disrupt the industry in which they operate.  These innovative organizations are the ones that push us forward as a society, and they create the white space for future developments and advancements to take hold. Boston Dynamics i...
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Will The Boring Company IPO?
Global transportation has really come into the spotlight recently as large cities continue to grow, population density intensifies, and advancements in technology look to disrupt the existing state of affairs.  One of the most exciting new companies in the space is another one of Elon Musk’s ...
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Recession proof stocks to buy.
There are several dark clouds on our horizon; we have already seen a market downturn, the yield curve has inverted, there is ongoing stress from inflation, the war in Ukraine continues, and the Fed has made a sudden step of a half-point rate hike. OUCH! Combined, these are all excellent indicators o...
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What stocks have moved because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine?
The Russian invasion has not only caused death and hardship for the Ukrainian people, but some extreme volatility in the markets. On the war’s first day, February 24th, markets dropped but finished up with the S&P at 4,288.70. And after 6 weeks, we have dipped below $4,175 occasionally and are...
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Is Tesla overvalued?
Over the past month, Tesla stock has floated in the $800-900 region, dipping to $766 before climbing to its current level of $1100 ($1081 as of writing). Chart courtesy of Google Finance This $766 to $1081 is a 41% increase that puts the company at a market capitalization of $1.1 trillion....
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