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What happened to Rivian Automotive since its IPO?
In November 2021, electric vehicle maker Rivian Automotive raised $12 billion by issuing 153 million shares priced at $78 each on the US markets. At the time, the company’s valuation exceeded $66 billion. The IPO proved popular, and the stock price surged to $100 per share on the first d...
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Is Warren Buffett selling stocks?
Warren Buffett is one of the most successful investors of all time. His holding company Berkshire Hathaway owns and holds stakes in dozens of companies, including GEICO, Duracell, Dairy Queen, Coca-Cola, Apple, Bank of America, and American Express, among others. Every quarter, Berkshire publishes a...
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5 companies that are likely to be taken over!
Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) are big business. In 2021, M&A activity hit new highs. Globally, more than 62,000 deals were struck, up 24% from 2020. In total, publicly disclosed deal values exceeded $5 trillion. Will 2022 break this record?  While it’s still too early to say, investo...
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What will Discord's IPO share price be?
Founded in 2015, Discord is a communication platform that enables users to share files and chat with each other through audio and video.  While the platform started out as a way for gamers to communicate reliably and conveniently, it has since expanded well beyond the gaming sphere: today, 70% ...
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Top 5 ASX stocks to buy in 2022
With the world rocked by record inflation and geopolitical instability, investors are looking for safe haven stocks that can weather the current storm. Thankfully, the markets are full of opportunities waiting to be discovered by shrewd investors. Here are the top 5 ASX stocks to buy in 2022. S...
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What is Starlink's share price?
Starlink recently made headlines when Elon Musk declared that he sent a truckload of Starlink antennas to Ukraine to help the country stay connected to the internet during the ongoing resistance against the Russian invasion. Due to the incredible success of Tesla, the world leader in elect...
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Key upcoming events that may influence the equity markets.
Several things on the horizon can affect your portfolio. A few of them have known deadlines and another is an ongoing issue that will need attention. These are the top three for this year.   The 2022 budget Congress recently passed (March 10th, 2022) the omnibus appropriations bill, which will ...
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How does SpaceX make money and is it profitable?
Did you know that SpaceX is the world’s second most valuable startup? With a $100 billion valuation, lucrative contracts with NASA, and a rapidly growing satellite internet business, SpaceX is at the forefront of space exploration and space-related technological servi...
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Should you buy Block Inc stock on the Australian ASX?
Earlier this year, Jack Dorsey’s fintech company Block Inc acquired Afterpay, an Australian “Buy now, pay later” (BNPL) fintech startup, for a whopping $29 billion. Shortly after, Block Inc decided to list on the ASX (ticker: SQ2), a move which may spur other major Australian technology compan...
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How to buy IPO in Australia
Are you looking to invest in a company that is about to take the plunge in stock market trading? Then investing in an IPO is possibly the best choice for you to earn some passive income.  But surely, you are wondering what is meant by it anyway? And how to buy IPO in Australia? In […]...
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