May 13, 2022

Top 5 ASX IPOs to watch in 2022

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Written by: Lucien Paulemil

2022 is a big year for the Australian stock market (ASX). Following Block Inc’s listing, which is arguably “the most important listing in 200 years”, a number of other interesting companies are planning to go public this year.

Here is a list of five of the most exciting ASX IPOs to watch in 2022.

Halo Technologies (April 26th, 2022)

First on our list is Halo Technologies, a high-growth financial service and technology development company. Given that this article is written on April 24th, 2022, this IPO may have already occurred by the time it is published. 

Halo Technologies is an exciting fintech firm

Indeed, Halo Technologies will list on the ASX on April 26th, 2022, and is expected to raise approximately $40 million. This would make it the second-largest IPO so far in 2022, well, behind Chrysos Corporation’s blockbuster $600 million IPO that is scheduled for May.

With an IPO share price of $1.20, the firm’s listing will give it a projected initial market cap of $154-159 million, making it a relatively large firm by the ASX’s standards. It will be interesting to see how the stock performs post-IPO, as current market conditions are not particularly favourable for technology companies.

Synergen Met (June 1st, 2022)

Synergen Met is a thermal plasma technology company that decarbonizes and detoxifies dirty industries. Indeed, its Thermal Plasma Technology platform has a number of valuable applications, including hydrogen and carbon production, hazardous and toxic waste destruction, water treatment and contaminant destruction, and the transformation of waste to energy.

Synergen Met’s technology has a myriad of in-demand use cases

The company is looking to raise $25 million, which would give it an IPO valuation of $120-125 million. 

  1. Sierra Nevada Gold (TBA): $12.5 millions

Founded in 2011, Sierra Nevada Gold is a gold, copper and silver exploration firm that operates five 100%-owned projects in the state of Nevada, USA.

Sierre Nevada Gold operates mines in the minerals rich state of Nevada

With the price of gold reaching all-time highs, the company believes 2022 is the best time to go public. The IPO, which does not yet have a confirmed date, is expected to raise roughly $12.5million.

Solstice Minerals (May 2nd, 2022)

The fourth ASX IPO to watch is Solstice Minerals, another gold exploration company looking to list on the ASX in May 2022. 

Solstice Minerals is one of many gold exploration companies
that will list on the ASX in 2022.

This firm, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of OreCorp Limited, is expecting to raise $12 million as part of its demerger. As of the IPO, Solstice Minerals will become a standalone WA focused exploration company.

Southern Cross Gold (May 5th, 2022) 

Finally, the fifth ASX IPO to watch in 2022 is Southern Cross Gold. Much like Solstice Minerals, Southern Cross Gold is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mawson Gold Limited that will become a standalone firm once it lists on the ASX.

At writing, this IPO expected to raise between $8-10 million. Indeed, the firm’s prospectus reveals the company will issue between 40-50 million shares, priced at $0.20 apiece.

Should you invest in these IPOs?

As an investor, it is your responsibility to conduct your own research before investing in any asset. 

While some of these companies have exciting futures, prudent investors often prefer to sit on the sidelines and see how the post-IPO trading plays out before making an investment decision.

To stay up to date on upcoming IPOs, visit and download the IPO Guide For 2022.

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To stay up to date on upcoming IPOs visit and download the IPO Guide For 2022.

Visit to learn about the Starlink IPO.

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